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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have been tagged again! And a new look!

I don't know if you noticed but yesterday I got a new look hubby made me a new banner and changed the colors of the site to match. I love the freshness and springiness of the new look!

I have been tagged again by Susan ,Tracyand Alli thanks girls.

So this one is a bit different I have to list 7 things about myself and tag 7 other bloggers.

1. When I was 23 and pregnant with Megan they discovered I had cervical cancer and shortly after Megan was born I had half my cervix removed, and have been cancer free ever since.

2. I was run over by a school bus when I was in grade 2, not hurt I slipped on some ice on the road and the bus drove over top of me I was not hurt because I was between the wheels. I didn't want to tell my mom but after talking to the paperboy who said it might be in the paper I had to fess up, it wasn't in the paper but my already knew she had just gotten off the phone with the principal who informed her of what had happened.

3. Kashi Lean cereal give me terrible gas, like nothing I have ever heard before **blushing**

4. I am certified to be a Veterinarian Receptionist but have never even applied for a job in that field

5. I love to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches I got addicted when my mom was pregnant with my sister, we are 5 1/2 years apart.

6. Jason and I were best friends before hooking up romantically, I can't imagine a life without him, he still remains to be my best friend.

7. My hair is half the length of me I am only 4' 11" and my hair is 2" 6" long reaching to my backside.

I am tagging The Lily Notepad, Sweet Somethings, Cabin Stampin' , Kim's Creations, Marie Loves To Stamp, Melissa's Stampin' Spot and Pink Shades Of Ink

Now off to do the color challenge I will post my card as soon as I finish it.



Blogger shuggy said...

i love the new look!! the banner is so cute!

April 26, 2007 4:00 AM  

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