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Monday, December 03, 2007

Bringing Home The Tree

Isn't she just the sweetest bringing home her tree and some presents! I just love this Elzybell she is the sweetest!

Well Jason left this morning, i was hoping with all the snow we got last night his trip might be canceled but no. I am so sad...........guess I will have to spend the evening stamping to cheer myself up.

What do ladies do when your hubbies are out of town? I would love some suggestions to help fill the time.

Supplies: Elzybell, Purely Pomegranante, Pretty in pink, shimmer white card stock, holiday Harmony DP, Black ink, copics, Stickles, ribbon, Bling and Brads.



Blogger Tina said...

Very, very pretty. The Elzybells images are the cutest!

December 03, 2007 11:24 AM  
Blogger Tanis said...

When I'm left alone, I craft. I don't get a whole lot of time to myself, so I take advantage of any time I get!

December 03, 2007 11:53 AM  
Blogger Lesa said...

Silly Girl,
We stamp! Not that hubby leaves often, but ya. Your card is super cute!

December 03, 2007 11:58 AM  
Anonymous Neighbor_Nancy said...

Of course I stamp, but other activities include scrapbooking, ordering holiday gifts online (I hate shopping in stores, particularly this time of year!), and renting mushy movies he'd hate!

Of course when he's gone is when I get to stay in my jammies and not worrying about showering or cooking or even cleaning. Hmmm... Wonder if I can get him to go on a trip soon?!?!?! HAHAHA!

December 03, 2007 1:27 PM  
Blogger Tracy.H said...

Super cute card!

I'm one of the lucky ones...my hubby doesn't have to travel. We have been together for 18 years and never been apart...other than when I was in the hospital after delivering my two girls.

December 03, 2007 1:28 PM  
Blogger Dawn Easton said...

Super cute Elzybells card! I love those little stamps! Stinkin' cute!

I always craft when my husband is away. It's not really much different than when he is home...lol! I try and have a few friends come by to stamp too...a girls night in!

Hope he isn't gone long!

December 03, 2007 1:57 PM  
Blogger Holly said...

I order pizza and junk food for the kids, rent movies, and scrap and stamp :o)
the time will fly!!
have fun!!

December 03, 2007 3:51 PM  
Blogger Rose Ann said...

Your Elzybell is darling! I love the colors, your snow, and cute snowflakes! Adorable

December 03, 2007 3:54 PM  
Blogger dd2njoy said...

Your card is fabulous Kelly!!
I stamp or do house cleaning...I love it when there's no one in the way when I sweep or vaccum!!!
Hope you find something to do!!!

December 03, 2007 4:19 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

I stamp and catch up on gossip with friends I haven't spoken to in a while. I am sure Jason misses you as much

December 03, 2007 4:54 PM  
Blogger laos348 said...

Wonderfully cute card. That little image is adorable and I really like the patterned papers that you used.

December 03, 2007 5:00 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

Oh, now is the time to do all those girl things that make hubby appreciate you! At-home pedicure, manicure, hair treatments etc. You'll be so pretty and sexy when he gets home... :)

December 03, 2007 6:14 PM  
Blogger chelemom said...

This is so totally cute!!

December 03, 2007 6:30 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

this is so cute! well, I'm on the flip side of you & Jason-I'm the one who leaves a few times a year without him (and he misses me a lot) He rarely goes anywhere without me...but when he's working late or doing something without me-I STAMP!

December 03, 2007 7:04 PM  
Blogger Stamper Gail said...

Love the colors and the card is adorable Kelly.

December 04, 2007 3:20 AM  
Blogger Velta said...

You've gotten enough answers about what to do when hubby leaves...I'll just comment on the card, which is too cute. I just adore the Purely Pomegranate paper and color!!

December 04, 2007 4:08 AM  
Blogger Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

This is just precious -- I love it!!!!

December 04, 2007 4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! I especially love the colors!! TFS!

December 04, 2007 7:52 AM  
Blogger gina said...

lovely colour in this card, very yummy
Gina x

December 04, 2007 12:23 PM  
Blogger Niki said...

So cute! The elzybells are so cute!

December 04, 2007 7:54 PM  
Blogger Melanie aka Batgirl said...

I just got four elzybells! woohoo! D used to go away for work 2 weeks a month! it was not fun! I would watch a lot of TV lol. Hang out with girlfriends... Watch more TV...lol

December 04, 2007 9:44 PM  
Blogger texasjodylynn said...

Gorgeous card as always! :) I love the colors!

I am not sure how long your hubby will be out of town, but I am used to spending nights alone because my hubby works 24 hour shifts. He is a flight paramedic and works 10, 24 hour shifts a month. Also, he works 1 1/2 hours away, so he is gone for 27 hours, 10 times a month. On his work days, I catch up on housework, stamp, lay around, lunch with my pals and just do things that are for me! Maybe stamp him a little something each day and put them in numbered envelopes so he can open them when he returns. :) Try to relax and enjoy yourself. :)

December 04, 2007 11:17 PM  
Blogger ScrapMomOf2 said...

I'm totally LOVING your cards! This one is fantastic too!

December 05, 2007 6:16 PM  
Blogger Lori J said...

Great colors. The card is fabulous! :0)

December 08, 2007 9:59 AM  

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