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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kelly Needs

I have seen this on a few other blogs lately and thought I would like to try it too. You put your name and the word needs so "Kelly Needs" into Google, and see what it gives you, I selected 10 things this is pretty funny!!

1. Kelly needs patience right now.......Too true!!

2. Kelly needs modesty (something to do with nude pics! o_0)...... NOT ME! NOT ME! NOT ME!
3. Kelly needs to change management. ...... ummmm I don't know??

4. Kelly, needs a good home (pls adopt me!) .......ROTFLMBO!!!! Anyone want me?

5. Kelly needs to examine his conscience and his OWN RELIGIOUS BELIEFS........Wowza.....quite the statement!

6. Kelly needs to be part of a loving, committed marriage ..... I thought I was LOL!

7. Kelly needs a reality check… ... Too true!!.....LMBO!

8. Kelly needs to get it together and take control of her own destiny.....ummmm YES!!

9. Kelly needs to step it up ....... I do I really Do!

10. Kelly needs to take a break and thank God........ Yes I do need to do more of this!



Blogger Heather said...

Very funny!

Heather needed... a giggle!

July 26, 2007 5:57 PM  

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