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Sunday, October 15, 2006

What my DH made this weekend

Video of the diorama This is a video of a diorama that my husband made this weekend while we crafted together . He had the idea while looking at an empty prima flowers case . He used the empty box cut out the front , made a cylinder out of window sheets , stamped colored and cut out all the booglie eyed characters glued them onto the cylinder with a skewer down the middle to make the dancing characters . He then used Lovely as a tree set for the background . He hand drew the fire from a stamp he saw on some other site .

After that project was done he made another project while I worked on my own . It was a paint can that resembled a penguin for a container to hold these toques that look like little penguins he loves to make so much , here's what the can and the toques look like together .



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